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Purifying Water With Quality At It's Best!

We are a leading force in water treatment technologies, providing innovative solutions for primary seawater, brackish water, and wastewater. Through cutting-edge membrane separation technologies like Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, and Mechanical Filtration, we craft pristine drinking water and desalinated pure water for industrial, agricultural, and municipal needs.

Our commitment goes beyond technology. We deliver cost-effective, reliable water treatment plants and services to customers worldwide, spanning municipal, industrial, commercial, agricultural, and institutional sectors.


Our mission revolves around facilitating various communities’ access to clean water and recycling wastewater through the provision of quality, scalable, cost-efficient, and mobile compact treatment units.


UNITREAT aspires to be acknowledged as one of the key players specialized in delivering compact water treatment solutions, positioning itself at the forefront of the industry’s evolution.

Our Services

We are the industry heads and produce the most reliable and trendy solution you are looking for.

Operation & Maintenance

Unitreat has a professional team to perform the site work, startup the plants, monitor the operation and carry on any required maintenance work. The maintenance can be through a contract to monitor the plant remotely or at the site, the contract can be daily, weekly, monthly operation.


Unitreat can fix and repair any plant and make it alive again to work with better performance, we also can upgrade or transfer it to better technology upon request.

Supply of consumables & spare parts

Unitreat can supply all type of the spare parts and we can advise equivalent spare parts to your plant with high efficiency and economical cost. We also offer the main components, equipment, and spare parts either as part of the complete plant or as individual supply options.

Supervision the installation, commissioning and startup

Unitreat has a qualified team to supervise the installation at site to reduce the installation cost, the commissioning of the plant will be by professional engineers, and we will train your operators at site to make sure they can handle the operation. Then we can guide them remotely if required.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.

Our Contributions

Our Systems & Applications

Our systems utilize advanced R/O technology, guaranteeing efficiency, reliability, top-tier water quality, and cost-effective water production.

Removing harmful microorganisms from water, to be used for drinking & cooking, making safe water more accessible to people around the world.

Our media filters have continued to be major players in maintaining high water quality throughout the world’s ecosystem through the filtration of harmful substances in rivers, lakes, streams, & wells.

UNITREAT utilizes high efficiency lamella type settling media tested in hundreds of installations for settling efficiently and durability. 

Our Softener systems stand out in the industry for their cutting-edge technology, ensuring effective scale reduction even at high flow rates.

Engineered to efficiently collect, store, and treat greywater for subsequent reuse. Transforming residences into sustainable and eco-friendly homes.

Our systems are factory-installed and shipped in compact containers for quick water source connection.

Unitreat offers WWTP technologies (MBBR, MBR, SBR) tailored to diverse scales and capacities, addressing domestic and industrial sewage for environmentally safe treated water or reuse.

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